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Professional translation agency

Every translation has its challenge and every field has its jargon.
That’s why we have a network of translators specialising in various fields.

Financial translation

Whether your documents are intended for internal use, for clients or for financial communication, Liingo offers you high-quality translations in total confidentiality.
Various publications for investment funds (prospectuses, KIDs, commentaries, reporting, etc.), economic research, annual reports, audit reports, memoranda, merger-acquisition documents and Due Diligence reports are our expert financial translators’ specialities.

and technical translation

At Liingo, we are careful to distinguish between technical translation, which involves documents in the field of engineering and technology (user manuals, installation instructions, quotes, etc.) and scientific translation, which relates to the pure sciences (physics, biology, mathematics, etc.).
You can rely on our expertise for translations of scientific publications, technical calls for tenders, instructions, technical specification sheets, etc.

Website translation

For large volumes of site content, you import your texts in CSV, XML or SQL format. You upload your files via the form, the words are counted automatically and we give you a quote immediately. Our translators will translate your files, which you can retrieve in the same format.

Legal translation

Translating is undoubtedly a difficult art. This is especially true when translating legal texts; the combination of bilingualism and bijuralism can lead to new heights of complexity.
Liingo offers you all the expertise of its specialist translators, legal experts and lawyers for translations of contracts, articles of incorporation, rulings, agreements, etc.

Tourism translation

1.1. billion international tourists travelled the world in 2014 (Source: UNWTO). Tourism translations are a cultural outreach tool that works according to the law of positivity. To attract visitors from all over the world, you have to know how to establish contact between cultures.
As experts in the field of tourism, our translators will be able to faithfully transpose your websites, brochures, tourist guides, tourist accommodation catalogues, etc. into your visitors’ language.

IT translation

Translating software, mobile apps and IT documents requires an excellent knowledge of the jargon. For particularly specific projects, we therefore offer the option of validating a glossary together.
Processing different file formats and restoring them in the same format is the second issue involved in handling IT translations. We use the appropriate programs to process your files (.rc, .xml, etc.) or web pages (.html, .asp, .php, .js, etc.).

Marketing translation

Our marketing and advertising translation department will put all its creativity and knowledge of the local markets and their practices and customs into helping you localise your international communication.

Ready-to-wear translation

Ready-to-wear and fashion are fields where a brand’s identity must be reflected in its visuals as well as its texts. With their thorough knowledge of terminology and tone, our translators will make your product information sheets and presentations really stand out from the crowd.